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Online Order - transport of passengers at a fixed price

One Way Transfer(Airport → Hotel or Hotel → Airport)
Return Transfer(Airport → Hotel → Airport)
Arrival Date: Day:  Month:  Year: 
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Flight from: ... from where you will fly?
No. of Passengers: ... how many persons in the taxi?
Transfer from: ... place/address
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Booking a return transfer you should specify pick up time and date. The recommended pick up time is 2 hours before your flight departure.
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Payment option

cash +5%
card to the driver +5%
Other remarks: (extra large luggage, wheelchair, baby chair, special requests etc.)
Contacts: (make sure your email and phone are correct in order to verify order)
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Jakub Prochazka
Czech registration: 76568059
Phone: +420 732 52 47 42

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