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Where to eat and drink in Prague

Prague is predominantly the city of pubs and beer. There is plenty of fine dining, wine and cocktail bars, pizzerias, steak houses, sushi places, Irish pubs, sports bars, coffee houses, cafes, fast food, slow food, traditional and non-traditional food, even something for vegetarians.

In fact, there's so much to choose from now, it's almost confusing. The two most famous pubs are Pivovar U Fleků, the world’s oldest operating brew pub dating back to 1499, and U Kalicha, known to beer and humour lovers as the favourite hangout of the literary character Good Soldier Švejk.

Praguers love to sip their beer in garden restaurants in the summer time and often come for beer to Letenský Zámeček chateau and Hanavský Pavilion which are both situated in the middle of a large city park.

Prague's nightlife is all encompassing. Prague clubs spin their tunes from dusk 'til dawn, so whether you're into serious clubbing or just a late drink and a quick dance, Prague is a good night out for one and all. Take it easy on the Absinthe though!


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