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International Airport in Prague - Ruzyne

Ruzyne International Airport serves the main city of Prague, Czech Republic. It is located 10 miles or approx 25 km from the city centre and is a hub for CSA Czech Airlines. Most flights leave Ruzyne International Airport from the North Terminal. The South Terminals handle a few irregular flights, as well as VIP Flights, special flights and small aircraft.

In 2005, the Ruzyne International Airport served 10.8 million passengers. It contains two runways in service and a former runway that is not used anymore. The most used runway is 24 due to the prevailing western winds but runway 31 is also used often. On September 2, 2005, the first phase of new terminal North 2 opened to the public. This increased the number of airbridges in the North terminals and the capacity of the airport by one third. The new terminal was fully open on January 17, 2006.

Prague's Ruzyne Airport is northwest of the city center and has finally completed its long-overdue expansion. The new, airy, and efficient departures and arrivals terminals have lost the Communist-era feel and have many added amenities. There's a bank for changing money, car-rental offices and information stands that can help you find accommodations. Ruzyne International Airport has become a modern international hub for the new millennium.

Public transport

In this section you can find information about public transport and recommendations for getting to Prague Airport as quickly as possible from the city centre, train stations and Prague metro stations. Fares can be bought from vending machines in the airport and in newspaper kiosks. The journey from airport to city centre takes around 25 - 30 minutes, or around 75 minutes by public transport.

Bus routes:

For the quickest transport to the city centre or the nearest metro station we recommend using routes 100 and 119.

Airport Contacts

info for passengers
+420-220 113 314
+420-220 113 321
baggage claim
+420-220 116 072
lost & found
+420-220 114 283

address: K letišti street 1019/6, 161 00 Praha, Czech Republic


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