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Good tips for visitors to Prague

Since the early 1990s, Prague has been reborn as a place that welcomes millions of travelers from all over the world every year. As the tourists stream in, others flourish. Among them, the pickpockets, thieves and "businessmen".

Pickpocketing is one of Prague's most common crimes. We are sad every time we hear stories about someone getting their money, documents, camera or cell phone stolen. Don't underestimate Prague pickpockets and don't think you can outsmart them. Many of them are highly skilled "professionals". Don't become paranoid.

Car break-ins are the leading type of property crime in Prague. The advice here is simple: never leave valuables in your car. Car theft is also quite common in the Czech Republic although the situation has gotten a little better in recent years. To prevent your car from being stolen or broken into, always park it in a guarded parking lot or a parking garage. Don't leave your car on the street if you don't have to.

Taking a taxi in Prague can turn into one of those experiences that can ruin your day. Prague taxi drivers are known for their shameless and often rude treatment of tourists and for charging prices several times higher than what you should pay.

If you need to contact the police, call 158 (state police) or 156 (city police) or the Emergency Central Number 112.


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