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Important warning

If you decide to choose a service with too attractive prices, it would probably happen that:

1) The car won´t be just for you but the transfer will be united with another customers.
2) You will wait and your way to the hotel will be longer than usual 30 minutes.
3) Nobody will be waiting for you so you will be compeled to go by airport taxi without warrant of prices.

Our company offer you the e-mail conformation of your order an a few minutes. If it will not happen in some cases (a damage of electronic dates) contact us by e-mail or telephone, please. We ensure you that our chauffeur will attend you in the terminal of the Prague airport or in a hotel as appointment. It will never happen to you that you will share the car with another clients, with our fixed price presented on our websites.

Our prices are really moderate. For your notion, we show approximate costs of one transfer. It isn´t possible to run the transfer cheaper.

Costs of fuel4,846,00
Payment of driver4,846,00
Amortization of car2,423,00
Dispatching centre0,320,40

Thank you for your attention.

And I wish you a good choice of a taxi service.

Director of Thomas Transport Team


Jakub Prochazka
IÈ: 76568059
Téléphone: +420 732 52 47 42

Contact: phone: +420 777 31 65 56, web: